So which camera should you choose?

If you are sure that you have read something from what is written above, at least horizontally, we will begin to state. The answers to all questions, in principle, are there, if you read carefully.

Choose any entry-level camera – as we have already said, there is no difference between them, no matter what the forum users or manufacturers say.
If, first of all, functions are important to you, take second-tier cameras – today Olympus and Sony have interesting and functional models, and they know how to sight on the screen quickly, and the image quality has improved. A built-in optical stabilizer, a menu with hints are toys that will make life much easier for a beginner. At the same time, the kit will cost you much cheaper than Canon or Nikon analogs, in which these functions are implemented weakly or absent. The same is true in cases where you are sure that you will spend all the time with one device without buying additional accessories, take them yourself. Remember that if you want to buy an accessory later, you will have to pay, perhaps more expensive, or just look for a model for a long time even in Moscow.
If you already have a compact and you know a thing or two about photography, take a closer look at Canon or Nikon – these models are very easy to expand, and the choice of accessories for them is very large. And if the hope that they will become closer to the people is small, this is compensated by the mass of the same lenses that are in circulation on the market, both new and bushy. And the fact that you decided to grow up from the compact already indicates that you are at risk and will continue to grow.
If you are a fan of tradition and love the Pentax brand, take it, you won’t regret it.
If you are wondering between full frame and cropped, do not torture yourself – from the point of view of a beginner, there is no difference between them.
If you already have a DSLR, why are you reading an article about choosing another one? You should already know everything.